Thursday, 1 March 2012

Use It Up - Week 7 update!

Yes I know! I'm late with it lol! I have been too busy 'using it up' yo blog about it! ;)
Anyway, as you will have seen from my last post and the upcoming ones, I have been using every scrap of DP up on my cards. I have been using those annoying little bits that get left after all the matting and layering on the inside of my cards :) You see, when I mat and layer, I cut the hidden middle of the layers out to save paper...but of course I then end up with a load of bits! more! I have made 6 cards today, and here is a picture of the 'waste' I had left...
Not much eh?! And although I could throw it all out as there's not much, I'm a crafter...I just can't!! So there! to find a use for these scraps....
Lizy x

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