Monday, 5 March 2012

Use it up - Week 8 update!

Hmmm...where to begin? 
Well...not done very well :(  It was Sincerely Yours at Leigh yesterday. I went with money to buy the 3 items I needed...card blanks, heart embossing folder and white embossing powder. Of course, we all know that that was just never going to be enough! Other than those 3 items, here is what I actually bought...
So that would be 4 packs of Vellum, one pack of paper, 6 packs of wire ribbon (very exciting stuff though!), a Bigz die, a rubber embossing mat, 2 other pots of embossing powder, and jewellery fixings for the wire ribbon! So I have come to the conclusion that I cannot be trusted at a craft show ever and if I haven't used all this stuff up by the end of the year, I shall ban myself from all future craft shows! 

On the up side, I didn't buy any stamps... 


  1. Hi Lizy, well I would say that you haven't done too badly - when I go to a craft fair you can't see the table for the new stuff I've brought!

    I know you brought more than you should, but it doesn't seem like you went wildly over the top either, especially if you've not got stamps! They are my downfall. You have got me impatient for the Sincerely Yours at Lincoln tho - only a couple more months to wait!!


  2. Ooh! Lizy, love all your new stash hun.

    Donna x

  3. Haha I love this post! Exactly the same as me, I always end up with way more than I should!!

    I have passed on the Liebster Blog Award to you, please see my blog for the details:

  4. Hi Lizy,
    Congrats with your guestdesigner at CCWS!!
    Enjoy it and I am looking forward to see your cards!!
    Greetings, Wilma


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