Friday, 13 January 2012

I pledge to UIU in 2012! (use it up!)

I have been having a little wander on the net tonight and on Sarah's blog she is giving away blog candy to celebrate 100 followers. But also, she has posted about an initiative that she found on Fran's blog......Use It Up in 2012! Now as you will have noticed in earlier posts, I have already pledged to do this myself too! So I have joined the initiative! :) 
So, as I have alot of stash that hasn't been used anywhere near as much as it should have been, for the most part this year, I shall be 'shopping' in my craft room, and not buying things unless I really, really need them! (that's need as in 'need', not need as in 'must have'!)

So wish me's gonna be a tough year!
Lizy x


  1. me too.... Love the new blog look by the way

    jen xx

  2. Great idea and the best of luck Lizy. I need to do the same or MOVE house lol! xx Jan

  3. Hi Lizy, well done you for joining in! It is difficult (I know I've only done two weeks and already I've got a list in my head of what I could've brought) but it will be worth it!

    We will all support each other I'm sure.

    Thanks as well for the lovely comments left on my blog - you are very kind.

    Best wishes,


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