Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Glittery Butterfly

Here is card number 2 from yesterday, again for the Less Is More Challenge (I really hope they don't bar me over there!)
I really wish you could see just how sparkly this card is! I coloured it with watercolour pencils, than highlighted alot of it with matching glitters. It really does look striking!

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Chrissie and Mandi for this blog...I have only been cardmaking for about 18 months years and I love to try anything but I 'thought' I was scared of the CAS style of card...turns out I LOVE it! I hope you don't mind me adding more cards each challenge...I just love showing them! If I'm putting too many on, don't count them in the running for a prize...like I said, I just love sharing, and I love the comments, even the constructive ones...after all how else do we learn?

Thanks again everyone!
Lizy x


  1. That butterfly looks so sparkly and pretty! Love the colors...and the placement is perfect!

  2. It's so heartening to read that your have been so inspired by what you have seen on our blog!
    It's wonderful to see how enthusiastic you are about CAS cards and this one is so pretty.
    Well done Lizy!
    "Less is More"

  3. Wow Lizy this is a stunner of a card... Such a beautiful image.

    I do know how to add a page you go into your blogger dashboard and click on the add a page button. This will bring you up a few things to check and you just add. If all goes wrong email me and i will go into more detail. Remember there is a difference between how you post on a page to a blog.
    There are many places in Blogger's help section which should answer your questions about the differences. Basic one is you can post a dated blog post but on a page you don't get dates, they are static pages which you can add things like tutorials etc to.
    When you visit a blog and go to comment look on the address bar, if the person has a blogger account see if they have different titles at the top of their blog these are pages. If you check go and see how they are set up this will also be of great help:-)

  4. Hi Lizy
    Oh this is wonderful, so pretty and glittery..girl after me own heart! lol
    WE don;t mid you entering again, it's great to see you

    Thanks very much for your kind words of encouragement
    "Less is More"

  5. I usually am not a fan of sparkly stuff, but this butterfly looks just fabulous!

  6. Lovely twinkly card from you - I too am rapidly becoming obsessed with CAS!!



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