Sunday, 20 March 2011

'Man' it's distressing!

Wow I have had the most awsome day at the GNPE in Harrogate today! I've met loads of lovely exhibitors, had one of my cards put on display on the Little Claire stand and spent a FORTUNE!! But then I don't make cards for nothing... ;)

So I was on the hunt for 'Man Stamps' while I was there as the Less is More challenge highlighted my lack of them and I found this one at Butterfly Kisses...

Now this card is the result of a total disaster! I had it all ready to go when somehow I managed to get silicone glue on the 'Kraft' card! So I tried to wipe it off with a baby wipe but all that did was leave a worse mark and wrinkle the card! I really didn't want to start over, and as it's a bit late I didn't want to get printing in case it woke my little man, so I decided to rub the baby wipe over the whole card to see what would happen...I mean, it couldn't get worse right? Well of course all that did was make the whole card too wet and the whole thing wrinkled! Then I noticed the silcone glue was still visible so I tried to sand it off. Then I was left with 2 sanded, damp silicone marks! Oh well...let's dot some silicone in other spots, wipe it off and sand now it looks like the paper is meant to be like that! Then the problem of the wrinkly card? Well it looks really old fashioned like a card found in the drawer from a long time ago, so I left it like that and just glued it to the card blank (which I chalked the edges of first in brown). Overall, I think I like the look! Of course, when it dries, it may look totally different!

Anyway, please let me know what you think...I really value your comments. My confidence increases more all the time because of them :)

Lizy x


  1. Well, I quite like the effect of your mishaps and experiments. Is the kraft card just leaning against the card blank at the moment? I'm presuming it will be stuck down all round at some point!
    I think a little additional distressing of the edges might look good too!
    I love the image and I'm glad you had a good time in Harrogate!
    "Less is More"

  2. If you can bear to leave the silicon glue in place and let it dry then you should be able to simply roll it off once it's dry. Cool card too btw


  3. Way to go Lizy you added your new page!!! Your first tip is a great one, looking forward to more...

    Both your cards are really great but i love your second one as i like messed up slightly distressed looking cards a lot as it adds character... Fantastic and fun card:-)

  4. I think you might have discovered a new look! To give it a little more distressing, you could try roughing the edges with a distressing tool or scissors.

  5. This is fabulous! FAB -U -LOUS!! What a great effect, and you would never know it was the result of a mishap unless you'd said. I think it's a wonderful vintage image. I think you've invented a new technique ;-) xxx

  6. What a great recovering. I thought on first looking your card was meant to look that way. It gives it a vintage look. Love the image too. x

  7. Even though it turned out more 'distressed' than you had intended, it really suits the vintage car. Not such a bad mishap after all. x

  8. WEll i think it has turned out brilliant. Fabby effect very creative...even if it was a mistake!

    Love it

    Ali x

  9. Oh this is FAB Lizy
    i was chuckling as I read the disasters hehe
    Looks super though
    Glad you had a good time, is it beans on toast now for a week! lol
    "Less is more"

  10. I love the way it turned out - very vintage looking! In fact I'd rough it up a bit more and really go for it!

  11. I think its fabulous. Works well with the image you`ve used.
    Lynne xxx

  12. this is fab!!! love the vintage look , excellent :)

  13. Wonderful card
    Hug Sylvie x


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