Monday, 16 May 2011

Thank You Embossed Butterfly

Hello all!
Well what another miserable day it is here in Bolton today :( Thank goodness for crafting and blogging eh?!

And the next few posts will show the fruits of my labours today......
This one is another attempt at the Less Is More Embossing challenge which is proving to be a bit of a nemesis to me! I haven't yet created a card I am thrilled with! The butterfly is hand embossed using a metal stencil that was free in Quick Cards (I think!). While the stencil was still in place after embossing, I painted it using the free shimmer paints from this month's Cardmaking & Papercraft (again I think!). I finished with a tiny little sentiment that was free from a stamp set from one of the magazines recently! So this card was a bit of a freebie! ;)

Hope you like......I wish the painting had been a little neater....
Lizy x


  1. Well I never thought of using my metal plates to stencil then heat emboss, you have got me thinking now.
    Lovely card.
    jenjoy x

  2. Looks a tricky technique to me Lizy!
    Well done you for trying new things.
    Thanks so much for more craftiness!
    Lady LIM
    "Less is More"

  3. It is a sweet card, painting dry embossing is so hard you are being tough on yourself. XOXO Zoe

  4. I'd be VERY thrilled with this one! It's just beautiful. So very pretty.

  5. Bless ya heart for trying new techniques Lizy
    Im not a fan of colouring embossing cos its never crisp...IMHO
    Sorry not criticisng, Im being uber critical
    Still a super card
    Thank you very much
    Diva LIM mandi
    "Less is More"

  6. I like the artsyness of this card...very free and light. :)

  7. Very brave of you to try this technique...I wouldn't dare!


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