Friday, 6 May 2011

Erm.......think I need to tidy up!

Hehe I just went into my craft room, took one look and decided that I need to tidy up! This is why.......
 I have, however, sorted all my ribbons out, not that it looks that way here LOL!
This is a tie hanger from Ikea and cost all of £1.99! It's lots of circles joined together and is perfect to loop my ribbons around! Now I can get at the ribbon I need, and don't end up pulling off the ones I don't! to tidy up and get one with cards!
Lizy x


  1. FABULOUS idea to use the tie/belt hanger from IKEA - might have to steal it!

    Happy Friday


  2. Lol Lizy, it looks quite tidy to me!! xx Jan

  3. Lizy, you've got the luxury of a craft room - I have to use half the dining room table! I could show you a pic of what our table looks like after I've had a bit of a crafty session. Maybe I'll post it one day, would make you feel better - I promise! Sarah

  4. Great idea Lizy. My 'craft room' (or should I say a small corner in a guest bedroom) is really tidy at the moment..... have spent a few weeks back in UK so everything was put back into it's usual place, a spare wardrobe. However, things will soon be back to normal... mess and bits of card and paper everywhere! Love it when its a bit messy, puts me in the mood for more crafting. Take care Love Sheila x


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