Friday, 28 February 2014

Hip Hip Hurray! A new product today!!

Evening all!
I guess you're wondering why I'm posting so late? Well I just couldn't wait to show you this!

I really like quick and simple cards, as sometimes you just need some readily available for any occasion! That's why I love this brand new product that Stampin' Up! have just brought out! 

Check this out ladies and gents....

So I guess you're wondering what this is all about right? Ok I'll stop teasing! Here it is...

This is a fantastic card making kit perfect for ANYONE! And I really do mean ANYONE! Whether you are a seasoned crafter, or just starting out, or even as a gift, this product has EVERYTHING (except scissors) to make your own beautiful handmade cards! Card, embellishments, stamps (yes stamps!), ink (yup, ink!), clear block (yes even the clear block!) and envelopes to send them in! 

What more could you possibly need? Some inspiration for how to use the kit? Ok we can do that too!

Did you count them? There is enough stuff in this fabulous kit to make all 20...yes 20! cards! How awesome is that?

And it gets even better! this kit is an incredibly good deal at only £17.95!! And even when you have made them all, you still have the ink, stamps and clear block to use over and over!

Wouldn't this be a fantastic gift for someone who is thinking of starting crafting but has no idea where to start? And you could even top it off perfectly by adding a pair of our super sharp Paper Snips for only £8.95.
Paper Snips - by Stampin' Up!

I have to say that I haven't seen anything like this before and I think it's brilliant! I am ordering mine tonight, along with a few other sets for a some other customers, and I know you'll be wanting yours soon too, so if you would like me to add yours to my order, please do contact me before 10pm tonight.

If you miss the 10pm deadline, or you would prefer to order direct from my online shop, here is the code...

When you have received your kit, I'd love to see your take on these cards, because let's face it, we all have our own ideas and creativity right? 

Right, I'm off now...see you tomorrow!

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